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Posted By: GUEST
31-Aug-10 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Gracie (The Crackers)
Subject: Lyr Add: GRACIE (The Crackers)
As sung by The Crackers

CHORUS: I'm glad you got lots of money, Gracie.
You're so skuzzy, you make my balls contract.
Although you got no body and no face,
You don't care if we love ya
For nothin' but your money, dear old Grace.

1. Here's a story very bold
And it's very rarely told
About a girl I know named Grace
And how she sits upon your face.

2. She got tits like camel's balls.
They swing and sway against the walls.
Her face is like a maggot's dream,
Full of boils, pus and cream.


3. She's a nymphomaniac.
She sticks her clothes right up her crack,
And even worse than that,
She balled a corpse and it came back.

4. Grace went to the farm.
She took the bulls in the barn.
She lined them up in a row, (one, two, three, four)
Tied their balls in a bow.

5. Now ain't that sweet?
Gracie's tyin' up the meat.
She took a picture, couldn't wait, (she's got a Polaroid)
Took it home to masturbate.