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02-Sep-10 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Woody Guthrie quote?
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie quote?
Woody's most famous quote has to be, "take it easy, but take it." Seems to me this is one Dylan took very seriously.

Yeah, he took words and melodies, but nothing on any of those early records resembles anything else I've heard. I've tried the same thing and I can assure you, it don't sound anything like those records. The songs are, in the end, as presented, are utterly unique.

The Voice is the one "true" thing in his music. Maybe the melodies come from over here, the words from over there, but the Voice is the thing to appreciate. Understanding the rest is what follows. If you don't understand the beauty of Dylan's voice, the quality, the Americana of it, the artistry involved, I don't think you can fully grasp the imact Dylan has had and may still one day. The Voice stands as a gate, you either accept it, or you have to go back to more mainstreams sounds. Maybe back to the gates of American Idol.

Bob Dylan is underappreciated many times, I believe, because most folks have no idea what they are hearing. The harmonica is over the top with its emotion. The guitar is only subtley easy. Yeah, basic chords but he has many little tricks up his sleeves to ensure the sound of originality. But if you know how most play guitar, or go listen to amatures at a coffehouse, not many are as complicated as Dylan's "simple" guitar playing. Or, the best example, go listen to pickers doing covers of Dylan's songs on YouTube. Now, those people sound like how Dylan has been described over the years. There is a big difference between them and Dylan. Mainly, it must be said, it's The Voice.