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Posted By: Amos
02-Sep-10 - 04:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Indeed, sir!! A hunting poetic license:

This librarian can't polka or waltz,
And he's overly fond of strong malts,
But we give him this ticket
To go hunt in a thicket
In respect for his output of schmaltz!!

And a fishing poetic license:

By these presents, know all men that above-named Rapaire
(Six foot two, 210 pouonds, missing some of his hair)
Is entitle,d whenever he finds himself wishing,
To dress up like an eedjit and waste his time fishing.

I believe there's an industry here waiting to ber born!! A fortune to be made!!

A poetic Social Security card:

In passionate hopes for a peaceful futurity
Has presented herself to our office, Ms Eiseley
And so we have named her under Social Security
Convinced she has done so both nicely and wisely!

And one for Security Clearances:

The bearer shown, one old BWL
Is scruffy, rude, and mutters things erotic
And has as well a most peculiar smell
But still and all is very patriotic!
Therefore do we, cream of the nation's cops
Hereby declare him cleared for "SECRET, TOP!"