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Posted By: Mick Tems
06-Sep-10 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cock a doodle doo
"...I've always associated it with England. This Scottish version was a nice surprise... Thank you!"

How about a Welsh version? Doing the 1970s, I heard this version from a Cardiff Docks seaman they called Tugboat Bill. I've always thought of it as a music-hall song with a very local flavour! I have recorded it in my South Wales Archive project, in conjunction with St Fagans National Museum Of Welsh Life, Trac (the all-Wales body fot folk development) and Dafydd Idris Edwards, chairman of the Welsh Folk Song Society:


It was just a year last Thursday, I never shall forget,
When I walked into a public house, my aching throat to wet,
This sailor he comes to me as I walked down by Bute Dock,
He says: "Take a look under me overcoat – Do you want to see me cock?"

CHORUS:        Well, I'm just a plain old working man, as you plainly see,
        And whether I get much from life, it matters not to me.
        Now they talks about me all the way from Splott to Lavernock:
        With neat little wings and a flaming crest – I bought meself a cock.

Well, I handed him a shilling, for well we did agree,
And I took the old cock under me coat to go along with me:
But sitting in the public house, I thought me tongue would lock –
I says: "Look here, who's drunk me beer?" The landlord says: "Your cock."


So I put my old cock under me coat, and homeward we did go,
My pretty little cockerel, he made a handsome show,
But Mrs Dare from Loudon Square, she give me such a shock,
When she says to me: "Get running – me old dog is after your cock."


Now when you work in Cardiff Docks, be careful of the drink,
For once you slip and in you go, it's likely that you'll sink.
But the gaffer says to me one day, as they hauls me from the dock:
"You know what kept you floating? Just the strength of your cock."


And now I must be on me way, for I've much to do tonight,
I know a little boozer where the lights are shining bright.
And if you don't believe me, when your eyes on mine they lock,
With a gesture and a flourish – I'll show youse all me cock.


Mick Tems