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Posted By: akenaton
06-Sep-10 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ploughman Lads (from Nic Jones)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ploughman Lads (from Nic Jones)
Just a few points about the song

"The plooboy laddies are a' the go."

"A' the go" means in fashion....The ploughmen were the jack the lads of the farm touns, they dressed fashionably,regarded themselves as better than a farm labourer or cowman and were regarded by the lassies as a good catch.

"Ah see him comin' frae ahent yon toun,
wi' aw his ribbons hingin' roond an' roon."

As well as keeping themselves smart in appearance, the ploughmen also kept their horses in good trim, decking them out in ribbons and polishing the brasses and leather of the harness till they shone like gold....especially if they were off to compete in a ploughing match.
I remember as a child in the early fifties attending such competitions, sadly they died out with modern farming methods, as did the horse and plooboy.

And when ah see ma plooboy's smile,
its in his airms ah wad bide a while
Sing laddie aye, an' sing laddie o,
the plooboy laddies are a' the go.

Isn't it a lovely song?