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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
06-Sep-10 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Happy birthday Stilly River Sage
Subject: RE: BS: Happy birthday Stilly River Sage
Thanks, all! I hadn't let my birth date show on facebook until recently, but I think that's how Jacqui sussed it out.

Just me here at the house, so I'm fixing a 1/2 size recipe of green chili stew and on the side I'm going to barbecue some country style pork ribs. In the past I'd have made these because my kids wouldn't eat the stew, but now I have them so I don't have to cook so much this week and because I do like to barbecue on these summer holidays. My son is in Tucson, a freshman at the University of Arizona, so no dropping in for food and laundry. My daughter (Moonglow) is at the University of North Texas 45 miles up the road, but is so busy producing a play this semester that she hasn't been down for a while.

Moonglow's birthday was a week ago today, and next time she's down we'll go out for a birthday dinner together. All things considered, this is been such a busy year with the trip to Arizona that just kicking back and doing nothing on my birthday is very nice!