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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
07-Sep-10 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy birthday Stilly River Sage
Subject: RE: BS: Happy birthday Stilly River Sage
Looks like MOAB is present and accounted for!

I will put the barbecue ribs in the freezer, and will give some of the stew to a friend who is working on a remodel job and didn't cook anything this weekend.

Spaw, er, ah . . .

Rap, tell Pat I said hi. Lots of birthdays I'm noticing this week. Several Mudcatters, a couple of folks at work, and my own daughter. Lucky us!

Since it's just me and the girls (1 and 2), our birthday dessert was a bit non-traditional. I invited them in from the yard, and had them sit in the kitchen while I got out a bowl each and then an egg each. They love this - about once a week I give them an egg (it's great for their coats). They were drooling all over themselves by the time I'd broken each egg and scrambled it just a little in the bowl (it's easier to eat - that yoke is so slippery when you have just a tongue and no fork!). Hmmm. Maybe I should invite Spaw over for this little ritual next time. He could join the girls. Anyway, they had a birthday treat and I didn't bother to put silly hats on them because they'd have eaten those also.