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Posted By: Girl Friday
08-Sep-10 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Subject: RE: newbie guide to Sidmouth folk festival
Steve - I've been on your website and thanks for all the links. It simplified matters considerably. My comments are:
1/ Possible removal of Supporters Club membership allowing use of the official campsite. I say - not good, as I am happy to partake in fringe activities and am not fussed about concerts: this is the only way to do my bit in supporting the festival.

2/ The Bulverton Arena- This would I think, be no loss to the majority of festival attendees. It is up a steep hill, not safe for disabled people, and only used by the yoof contingent. Our yoof was content to go to bed at 11.00 or 12.00, having tired himself out. I'm not surprised that the sound from it annoys the townsfolk. I have complained on this thread before about the yoof congregating outside the toilets all night too. Yes, charge for the Bulverton. It's not needed so it'd be even better to get shot. A quieter affair such as a sing around might be acceptable on the campsite itself. That's what I expected of the chill-out tent.
3/ If the supporters ticket is withdrawn I would stay on another, flatter site.
4/ We were told that you could busk on the seafront as much as you like. No you can't because of the traders taking up all the room.