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14-Sep-10 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
Subject: RE: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
I guess I used invisible digits in my post because my argument was completely ignored. When Christ stood before Pilate and was asked if he were King of the Jews, he responded that his kingdom was not of this world. Significant is the fact that his kingdom is just that; a monarchy and I am sure that the scripture points out in a couple of places, I seem to remember, that Christ is called the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That does not sound like socialism. Church and church governments have been an issue for the intervening centuries since the time of Christ and many of these forms of church government have lead to denominationalism, violence and murder and some of the most heinous and dispicable acts of history, none of which reflect the teachings of Christ.

The Christian is about Christ and His kingdom of which there is no end (the only way a monarchy can really succeed)). On this plane of existence it is a matter of heart, mind and soul. The Christian's first allegiance is to Christ. Christ prioritizes all that remains. This is seen in Christ's summation of the Hebrew Law "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul and all thy mind and thy neighbor as thyself". He also told his followers to love their enemies and do good to those who persecute them. The Christian's interaction with the world is to be based in peace and love and non-violence. Paul points out in Ephesians and elsewhere that we battle spiritual wickedness (an interesting word unto itself) by SPIRITUAL means as demonstrated by the putting on of the armour of God. And, you may note, that the battle is not offensive but is so that the Christian will be able to stand his ground and give account for the beliefs he holds.

I have to agree with Suibhne Astray that most "religion" is mumbo jumbo. Many people follow a religion and some religions purport to follow Christ. I will say now that never a religion "saved" anybody. The writer of James had a few terse comments on what "true religion" ought to be and that is about ALL the Bible has to say on THAT subject. At best, a religious body may perserve the teachings of the Bible and may introduce folks to the good news, the gospel and point the way to Christ but they themslevs cannot effect salvation. That is the sole province of God.

Human governments are of man and inherently flawed by all foibles that befall mankind. History has seen a full range of human governments come and go and not a one has lasted the ages. Much more could be said about that but not here. Abuses of any form of government occur and those abuses are almost always against the common folk.

The Acts of the Apostles is about the establishment of the early Christian church amid the hostility of the Roman Empire, how they found ways to survive Rome and keep their core beliefs intact. How they took care of their own may be seen as a form of government but I see it more as how a loving family takes care of its own. What good parent would not care with all their means, their children? And how do they do this? Do you think of your family order as a government? Do you elect a Father and a Mother? Do you have periodic revolutions and bloodbaths? Do you submit to tyrants? Yes, I suppose that some do but such is not a normal healthy loving family. If you use the standards set forth in the Bible to judge religions and the institutions of mankind you may just see the need of a savior who is loving and kind.