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Posted By: Amos
14-Sep-10 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Gawd, Still, can you kmagine driving 580 miles with Chongo et al lurking just behind the curtain? The drive would be over 100 miles both ways.

Here's what would be involved:

5.        Turn right at MD-2 N/Solomons Island Rd                
4.9 mi
6.        Exit onto MD-665 W/Aris T Allen Blvd toward US-50/US-301
Continue to follow MD-665 W
1.1 mi
7.        Take the I-97 N/U.A. 50 W/US-301 S ramp to Washington/Baltimore                
1.1 mi
8.        Keep right at the fork to continue toward I-97 N and merge onto I-97 N                
17.8 mi
9.        Merge onto I-695 W                
20.9 mi
10.        Slight right at I-83 N (signs for Timonium/York Pa)
Entering Pennsylvania
65.8 mi
11.        Take exit 43 toward Capitol/2nd St                
0.6 mi
12.        Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-83/I-81                
154 ft
13.        Turn right at Paxton St                
0.3 mi
14.        Turn left at S Cameron St                
2.6 mi
15.        Continue onto US-22 W                
13.7 mi
16.        Exit onto US-11 N/US-15 N toward Williamsport/Selinsgrove                
32.7 mi
17.        Take the ramp to US-522 S/Selinsgrove/Shamokin Dam                
0.4 mi
18.        Merge onto US-11 N/US-15 N/Susquehanna Trail
Continue to follow US-15 N
35.5 mi
19.        Turn left to stay on US-15 N                
36 ft
20.        Take the ramp onto I-180 W/US-220 S                
1.9 mi
21.        Slight right at US-15 N
Entering New York
74.1 mi
22.        Take the ramp onto I-86 W                
23.3 mi
23.        Continue onto NY-15 N                
0.6 mi
24.        Continue onto I-390 N                
38.0 mi
25.        Take exit 7 for NY-408/Geneseo toward NY-63                
0.4 mi
26.        Turn right at NY-408 N/Mt Morris Geneseo Rd
Continue to follow Mt Morris Geneseo Rd
1.1 mi
27.        Continue onto NY-63 N                
2.4 mi
28.        Turn left at NY-63 N/Genesee St
Continue to follow NY-63 N
25.4 mi
29.        Slight left at Main St                
0.3 mi
30.        Turn right at Oak St                
1.1 mi
31.        Slight right onto the ramp to I-90 W
Toll road
0.3 mi
32.        Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-90 W and merge onto I-90 W
Toll road
30.5 mi
33.        Take exit 50 to merge onto I-290 W toward Niagara Falls
Partial toll road
9.8 mi
34.        Take the exit onto I-190 N
Partial toll road
Entering Canada (Ontario)
15.1 mi
35.        Continue onto ON-405 W
Partial toll road
5.9 mi
36.        ON-405 W turns slightly right and becomes Queen Elizabeth Way E                
38.3 mi
37.        Take exit 100 for ON-403/ON-407 E toward Hamiliton/Brantford                
0.8 mi
38.        Keep left at the fork, follow signs for ON-407 E and merge onto ON-407 E
Toll road
14.0 mi
39.        Take exit 24 to merge onto ON-403 E toward Toronto
Partial toll road
11.0 mi
40.        Continue onto ON-401 E                
8.1 mi
41.        Take exit 359 to merge onto ON-400 N toward Barrie                
52.2 mi
42.        Continue onto ON-11 N                
16.6 mi
43.        Take exit 131A to merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-12 S                
2.1 mi
44.        Turn left at West Street S                
0.6 mi
45.        Take the 2nd left onto Norweld Dr                
0.2 mi
Orillia, ON

So you see, it is a delightful proposition but not very pragmatic.