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Posted By: bluerabbit10
15-Sep-10 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: Help: Know Any Fishing Songs???
Subject: RE: Help: Know Any Fishing Songs???
Here's one of my originals on
Salt Creek
© by: Verne Garrison
        Valley Park, MO
        May 31, 2007

Fishing (D) was always good on Salt (E) Creek
We slipped thru the (A) pasture at Grandpas (D) place
Favorite spot found every (E) week
Slid thru the weedy (A) banks without a (D) trace (D7)

Bobbers (G), hooks, sinkers and a willow (D) pole
Swing the (E) line out to the secret (A) spot
Let current (D) guide it past the best (A) hole
Catfish are (A) biting, get the fire (D) hot (D7)

Our (G) tackle box was Moms old (D) purse
Sinkers (E) few extra hooks and some fish (A) line
Farm (D) boys tackle, could be (A) worse
Stringer full of fish in no (D) time

Sunfish, catfish and blue (E) gills
We would (A) clean them at the horse (D) tank
Best spot in these here (E) hills
For this we (A) all gave (D) thanks (D7)

Grandpa (G) whittled the wooden (D) bobbers
And cut for (E) me the long willow (A) pole
He always (D) found the best worms under the board (A) walk
Fishing the best at Salt Creek (D) hole

(A) Fishing the best at Salt Creek (D) hole