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Posted By: Slag
15-Sep-10 - 04:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
Subject: RE: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
Gee Joe, can't ideologies be rooted in rational thought? Impossible? Don'tcha remember that with God, all things are possible?

How a small group, a following of a peripatetic rabbi, manages their funds (Judas held the purse) hardly constitutes a doctrine on governing a nation. The break with worldly orders is clearly deomnstrated when Christ asked for the coin with Ceaser's image. "'Render' (repay, give back) to Ceaser, the things that are Ceaser's and to God, the thing's that are God's". A clear division.

It is not accurate to say Jesus was apolitical. He was (is) a Prince, representing the King of all Kings and he was here to claim what is rightfully belonging to his Father. And yes! He told Pilate that his kingdom was not of this world (at least not yet!).

Christ had a lot to say about money and it makes an intersting study. Bill_D is right on about the fact that those with the gold make the rules and most of those rules are about keeping the geetus out of your pockets and in theirs. Christ scared the hell out of the authorities and Rome with his attitude toward their power. That gold was the carrot before the donkey that keeps the whole thing working! What would happen if the peons quit caring about the carrot???!!! Arrrrgh! Crucify him! It was the only solution. All those elements are still in play today. Someone has just recently started a thread about "how poor were you or are you". I haven't looked in yet but I can tell you now that my rank or standing in what the world may consider success or failure means nothing. I have all that I need in this world. I have the Lord and the Earth and all that is in it is available to me if He decides that I need it.

Christ asks the question "What does it profit someone if a man should gain the entire world but lose his own soul?" And you know, we are here for such a short time. We don't "own" anything. We claim a right to use and / or abuse those things under our control but eventually we have to surrender them to someone else. Therefore we are "stewards" of the things under our control for that period of time. I believe this is the right perspective and it greatly troubles those wh would have ultimate control over us.

Another thing the Bible points out is that whoever holds the debt, owns the debtor and that is a fact. If you are deep in debt do you rest easy? I was shocked when President Obama said that the basis of America's economy was debt! And then I was really shocked when I considered that what he said was true! That IS a frightening thought! We are owned by those who hold our debt, a debt so great (by the estimation of some economists) that there is not enough money in the entire world to pay it off. There are big things in store for this world in the very near future.