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Posted By: Lox
15-Sep-10 - 05:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
Subject: RE: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
I Agree with Mandotim here.

An acquaintance of mine owns a chain of pubs.

He offers me friendship and I reject it because I find his arrogance very distasteful.

He also owns a few classic cars - old jags etc.

Does he love classic cars?

Does he fuck!

He owns them, in the name of his business, because he can call them company cars and, as company cars are a necessary expense, he can write off tax against them.

He is so proud of himself.

I ask him "what about the NHS?"

He changes the subject.

Sleight of hand allows him to spend his tax pounds on a nice car once a year.

And each car is a classic, so it is an investment that increases in value with time.

So instead of paying his premium to be in the club, he keeps it, invests it, and has some flash cars.

Meanwhile there are people who have to wait for 24 hours before the police come round to interview them about the guy that held them up at gun point - by which time he has gone ... (true story)