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Posted By: The Sandman
15-Sep-10 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
Subject: RE: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
I think the way out of this economic slump is to start spending money on repairing infra structure, employing people on repairing mains sewers, roads, railways[even a new railway]etc.
until people are receiving money they cannot buy goods, therefore there is no point employing peopleproducing goods that noone has the money to buy.
however if people get wages to do necessary infrastructure repairs , they then have money to buy goods, the economy then gets a kick start. sorry if i am stating the obvious, but many politicians do not seem to understand how the capitalist system works.
another good occurence would be a couple of earth quakes[preferably under the house of commons,... joke].