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Posted By: GUEST,Rupert
15-Sep-10 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
Subject: RE: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
Can we please give this new government a chance. I think they are doing a splendid job. Yes banks created big problems, but it is done and we have to move on.

Labour created a lot of the problems we are faced with today, no one can dispute that. This government inherited a mess. I listened to a speaker yesterday at the Congress, typical meddling Scargill type, talking about striking and scaremongering about the winter of 1973. I myself have a private pension plan and private health insurance, everyone must make provision for their own retirement, no one should depend on the welfare state to carry them, one should have some dignity.

He spoke equality and poverty in the UK today. Equality, what do people want ? do they want the workshy and the lazy to enjoy the same lifestyle as those who worked hard all their lives? Labour certainly did. The benefits system in the UK is so abused, thankfully next month that will be pulled into line. I think the finest action so far by this government was to put the detection of benefit cheats into the hands of several private companies. They are to be paid 300.00 for each successful detection of such scoundrels. I know several that claim Mobility allowance and incapacity benefit and are fit to work, I had no apprehension in filling in the online forms reporting them.

Many speak of poverty in the UK today. Yes there is poverty, it is among those who work for a living and don't feed off the state for their rent, mortgage and council tax.

I jolly well look forward to the government announcements in October, especially the 2.5bn cut in Social Security payments.