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Posted By: GUEST,Rupert
16-Sep-10 - 06:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
Subject: RE: BS: Blind stupidity - TUC Congress
No one fully trusts the market just yet. If we prevent naturally occurring monopolies from taking place we risk years of recession. The unions so wish to manipulate the market by scaremongering, this would only serve to reward those they identify with.

Labour can be charged with hypocritcally, they say are trying to ensure that society is fair and rewards those with marketable skills or willingness to work hard. That is rubbish, They manipulated unemployment figures for years, figures for those on Incapacity benefits, carers allowance and benefits for children with special needs (numbers truly qualifying for this recently discredited)were rarely released, Labour encouraged people to sign on sickness benefits and duly rewarded them.   

Some people's definition of just rewards for good management reads more like sour grapes to me. Would you not agree that it is fair to reward managers who save their company money and increase profit margins?   

Some of you seem just jolly well jealous that someone should prosper over other another. We are not responsible for every lame duck in our society, we take the advantages in life, we are not just born into a situation with certain opportunities. Why should I not have the opportunity to thrive ? so many of you go on about extreme poverty, well if you work hard that would appear to be the best way to avoid it.

There are unprincipled people in our society who use support groups and community based whatever set up by Labour to fight, argue and beat their drum using whatever arguments they think will benefit them or those groups they identify with as long as they don't have to work for a living.

Society has seen the demise of moral values in recent times, we all must pull together in the years ahead,some of you will not like the decisions that this government will have to make, I for one think they will do a sterling job and give this country the cuff around the ear it requires.

concerned that those who are rewarded in life neither workDemocrats have two complaints. First they point out that if life is a test, the test is not fair. Second, even if life is a test, is it fair to reward those with superior brains or bodies?

Before you dismiss democrats as a bunch of sore losers at the game of life you have to address their valid arguments. For instance what do you do about the handicapped? According to a purely republican philosophy any sort of governmental charity among the Neanderthals would have only encouraged the procreation of less efficient hunters and gatherers.

This can be described as survival of the fittest, or even happiness for the fittest.