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Posted By: Joe Offer
16-Sep-10 - 08:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
Subject: RE: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
I suppose there is a natural tendency to demonize, that which we are not. If we're Conservative, we think Socialists are horrible. But the fact of the matter is that a good many Socialists choose Socialism because they truly believe it is the best thing for humankind - to provide for the needs of all.
And Capitalists think the same of their economic system, that it is the only way humankind can survive - to provide for the needs of those who earn what they need.

But most Socialists and most Capitalists seek to serve the needs of the community, not to impose tyranny upon people. Of course, there are a few megalomaniacal tyrants who seek to accumulate vast and oppressive powers; and it's also true that such persons are drawn to positions of authority. But on the whole, most people mean well. Of course, the worst tyrant is fear - if we fear our political opponents, there's not telling what we might do to them.

But for the most part, Socialists are well-meaning people - and so are Capitalists.