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Posted By: Slag
17-Sep-10 - 05:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
Subject: RE: BS: On Acts 4:32-35
I figured we'd get to Ananias and Saphira eventually. Their great sin was in lying to God. They demonstrated their UNBELIEF by lying. Had they truly believed they would have known they would have been found out (compare with the story of Achan in Joshua 7 [7:19 being key]). They were in it for prestige of some sort. Paul (Luke?) recognizes the rights of ownership when he states that as long as it was theirs they could do as they pleased but once they claimed to have given all to God it was no longer under their control. Giving, not taking, is the action.

Orwell's Animal Farm is a nice little parable of how socialism and the collective is susceptible to abuses. Unbridled captialism is also a potential evil. Robber barons and monopolists have demonstrated the latter. In truth there is NO human system, ideology or endeavor that is not susceptible to selfish and malicious intent. It seems that the majority of the wealth of the nations goes to combating evil which is itself a most corrupt and greedy endeavor. Price any lawyers lately?. The other extreem alternative is the loss of freedom and independence to a totalitarian regime.

A limited socialism seems to work for some countries as does a limited captialism for others or a combination of both. Like most things, the truth is in the middle and marked by moderation.