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Posted By: Tim Chesterton
18-Sep-10 - 02:11 PM
Thread Name: Martin Carthy - general discussion
Subject: RE: Martin Carthy - general discussion
From what I've heard of Martin and Norma they would be the last people on earth to want to be known as 'folk's royal family'. On the other hand, in a prevailing culture in which so often youth is worshipped and old people are assumed to be out of touch and to have nothing relevant to contribute to the discussion, I think the respect with which the folk music world treats its elder statesmen and stateswomen is an altogether admirable thing.

I know that Martin and Norma are themselves simply links in the chain that leads back through people like Ewan McColl and Bert Lloyd, Walter Pardon, the Coppers and back to the old country singers who shared their songs with Sharp and Hammond et al. But for many of us, Martin and Norma are the particular link that has touched us (in my case, sadly, only through their CDs) and inspired our love of the tradition. I'm happy to honour them for that.

(Incidentally, a few years ago I heard Kate Rusby and John McCusker described as 'the Posh and Becks of the folk music world'! I guess that accolade is no longer up to date!!!)