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21-Sep-10 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
Subject: RE: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
The words in my copy of The Naval Song book are:

We come from yonder mountains, our pistols are loaded,
For to rob and to plunder it is our intent,
As we roam through the valleys where the lilies and the roses
And the beautiful cashmere lies drooping its head.
Then away, then away, then away, away,
To the caves in yonder mountain
To the robbers' retreat.

Hark, hark! In the distance there's footsteps approaching:
Stand, stand and deliver! Shall be our watchword – As we...

Your gold and your jewels, - Your life if resisted!
We shall laugh at your agony, and scorn at your threats – As we...

Come fill up your glasses, and let's be a-drinking,
For the moonbeams are shining all over our heads – As we...

* * *

Neither words nor music are ascribed to any person but, as I stated above, the "kind permission of the Rev. G. Goodenough M.A." was acknowledged.

I was slightly misleading in my earier post, as this acknowledgement was only given to 8 of the songs, all grouped together in the book. For one of the songs, "Plymouth Sound," Rev G. G. was given as the composer - Baring-Gould having written the words. (Yes - the words are the same as those in "Songs and Ballads of the west" but the tune is not.)