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Posted By: Ged Fox
22-Sep-10 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
Subject: RE: Origins: Cadgwith Anthem
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I've now acquired 2 more copies of The Naval Songbook.

1) Contents identical to the one I already had. Inscription dates the book to 1913. So the Robbers' Retreat was definitely in the Naval Songbook before WW1.

2) The 1945 version, dated and stated to be compiled and edited by Inglis Gundry. Only 7 out of 66 songs made it from the old to the new book, and the Robbers' Retreat was not one of them.
The Gundry collection is much more folky (collected by Sharp, Karpeles etc) and more shanties (collected by Terry etc) than the earlier book. It is interesting that Gundry, who included Robbers' Retreat in Canow Kernow (1966) did not appear to recognize it as a Cornish folk song when he had it to hand in 1945.