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Posted By: Phil Edwards
27-Sep-10 - 06:43 PM
Thread Name: Boring, Bleating Old Traddy (Peter Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Boring, Bleating Old Traddy (Peter Bellamy)
Jim, I believe hunting to be a barbaric pastime indulged in by overprivileged thugs. I still like the songs & am glad to hear them sung.

Michael - re the Transports and after, I wonder if it was a coincidental bit of bad timing. Everyone remembers that 1977 was the year of punk, but what isn't always remembered is that punk wasn't just a fashion which came and went - it was also a kind of Year Zero for pop music, so that everything that came after it was defined by reference to punk. And this Gleichschaltung effect was more pronounced after 1977 than in 1977 itself; straight trousers only really ousted flares in 1978, just as long hair became the norm in 1968-9 rather than 1967. So perhaps there was just that bit more room for a work like the Transports in 1977, when it came out, than there would be in the next few years.