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Posted By: Cusco
28-Sep-10 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Boring, Bleating Old Traddy (Peter Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Boring, Bleating Old Traddy (Peter Bellamy)
The first time I saw him in YT my ears couldn't beleive it. I knew what to expect but even so.

Second time it was in the foyer at Cecil Sharp house. All quiet then Peter appeared in a big black hat and Royston in clogs. Instant atmosheric electrification.

Third time was when Alistair Anderson put on a series of events at the the South Bank. The Transports was one of them. Never was sure about the girl shadow dancing but the rest of the performance was stunning.

Fourth time was at a poetry society evening in a Pub somewhere at the back of Oxford St/Regent St. Apart from Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp and me I think it might have been a non folk audience. Peter did the full Kipling show and was fantastic, absolutely on form. The strange part of the evening was when he announced he was going to do "that song" to give due warning so that the lady President of the Kipling Society could vacate the room before "Danny Deever" chilled everyones bones.

Fifth and last time was in a local club just before the summer break so it would have been one of his last performances. He'd had a meal just before with Ken & Mags Whiting,the organisers. Brilliant performance but he was somewhat detached and distant. Couldn't beleive the news when it came through. Tragic.