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Posted By: theleveller
01-Oct-10 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Great Britain or United Kingdom - which?
Subject: RE: BS: Great Britain or United Kingdom - which?
"Sorry, Willie..and Levels, but I don't live in Ostrich Land"

That's really insulting, Lizzie. I've led a pretty tough life at times, had to work hard for 42 years and will have to continue to work until well into my sixties, at least. Last week my younger son had his nose broken in a completely random attack by a thug. The high school my daughter will attend next year has just been placed under Special Measures because it's been run down by a twat of a Head teacher.

The upside? I'm glad that I still have a job and am able to work. The police were fantastic with my lad and I know that he is going to do well in life whilst the thug who asaulted him (22 and with a string of conviction and two terms in prison) has no future. Mrsleveller will be applying to be a governor of the school.

So, just because I don't descend into a bottomles pit of pessimism and negativity when life isn't all sweetness and light (it never has been) doesn't mean I'm not a realist. Of course there are bad things about Britain. On the other hand, there are plenty of great things and I for one, am grateful that I live here rather than anywhere else. Instead of moaning, why don't you get off your arse and DO something?