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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
01-Oct-10 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Great Britain or United Kingdom - which?
Subject: RE: BS: Great Britain or United Kingdom - which?
I suppose my point is that anywhere is good, anywhere is bad. I don't tend to wear rose tinted spectacles and since selling up my business interests and retiring (ish) I have interfered with health and social care. These days I see many of the failings and failures of society, but remain convinced their harrowing experiences and stories do not make a geographical area any better or worse.

To say that a country is going to the dogs is to see it as a country rather than a convenient border of a set of different communities. if everything within that border, which we call a country, is going to Hell in a hand cart, that means that politicians are more important and affect things more than they actually do.

We, everybody makes a country good bad or indifferent. Knocking a country in general terms is to expose yourself as part of the issue. it isn't a bad country. It is a country. And a hell of a lot safer to walk the streets at night than many.

The world I know is the world I see, not the world The Daily Mail would wish me to see