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Posted By: Crow Sister (off with the fairies)
03-Oct-10 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Language Pet Peeves
Subject: RE: BS: Language Pet Peeves
"The American usage [following on from a post above] 'The London Times'. There is no such newspaper. It is called simply 'The Times'."

That's true MtheGM, and I understand that both are proper names so the insertion of a place name (as in London) isn't grammatical, but for US readers the default cultural assumption would (probably?) naturally be that if someone refers to 'The Times' they will be using shorthand for "The NY Times"?

Personally I'm inclined to think "The London Times" is sloppy journalism because you'd never get that kind of fudge used as a reference in academic literature. But is there a preferable way to disambiguate, that is both uncomplicated and concise for more general use?