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Posted By: Jim Dixon
06-Oct-10 - 02:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: That Old Tattooed Lady
Subject: Lyr Add: TATTOOED LADY (Smokey Miles)
Here's a mediocre video of an excellent song sung by "Smokey Miles from Luckenbach, Texas." I tried looking up more information about this singer, but it got confusing; I think there might be more than one performer named Smokey (or Smoky) Miles. Does anybody know of him?

Also notice that there are several gaps in my transcription, including a very annoying one in the chorus. I would appreciate any help fixing these.


1. I met a girl in New Orleans;
  she was waitin' on tables there.
I told her that I loved her smile
  and her pretty head o' hair.

2. She invited me back to her place
  and who could ask for more?
She said, "You're gonna see somethin', friend,
  you ain't never seen before."

3. We went up to her apartment.
  She kicked off her platform shoes,
Said, "Come on, honey. Sit by my side
  'n' I'll show you my tattoos."

4. She had battleships upon her hips,
  anchors on her thighs
The seventh fleet was on her feet,
  wearin' red bowties.

5. She had tattooed eggs upon her legs,
  trees upon her knees,
Colored lakes(?) and rattlesnakes
  and even bumblebees.

6. She had the merchant marine on the side of her spleen,
  mom and dad on her right arm.
On her chest right above her breast
  was a picture of the family farm.

CHORUS: My tattooed lady, she's so fine.
Tattooed lady, gonna make her mine.
Tattooed lady, she' a real museum.
... all the boys just to see 'em

7. I told her I liked what I saw,
  I mean, I really dig the view.
You know finally she said out loud
  "I'm the queen of the rose tattoo."

8. She grabbed a needle and a bottle o' ink
  and gave me a little smile.
I jumped up apprehensively.
  I said, "Honey, that ain't my style."

9. She laughed and grinned. "This ain't for you.
  I don't have that in mind.
How'd you like to make a motorbike
  on the bottom of my behind?"

10. She had a strange insect(?) just below her neck,
  four crabs on her calves,
Two chandeliers behind her ears,
  and a light bulb just for laughs.

11. She had the moon and the sun just for fun
  under each of her armpits,
And the Dodger scores from ninety-four,
  in errors, runs, and hits.

12. She had a dog and a cat on the small of her back
  with a jumbo jet airplane,
And to remind her, was her favorite diner
  and an old-time railroad train.


13. ... when she was a girl,
  she had a very interesting life.
She'd been around the world forty times or more.
  She never made no man a wife.

14. She don't go to movies or buy fancy clothes;
  ain't concerned with her own health.
All she wants to do is show her tattoos
  and paint pictures on herself.

15. She had the sign of the cross and a big ol' hoss
  'tween her first and second ribs,
A clenched fist on her left wrist;
  on her right, a Star of David.

16. She had a cowboy hat and a Siamese cat
  in the crook of each of her knees.
On one elbow was a garden hoe,
  and on the other was a set of keys.

17. She had country singers on each of her fingers,
  billiard balls on her knuckles,
An ... on the back of her heel;
  On her waist was ... buckle.


18. There was a map of the world on the rump of that girl,
  made by an expert painter.
And through the night from this dazzlin' sight,
  her vision was growin' plainer.

19. She pointed to her face, the last virgin place,
  said, "It's time to begin."
Scratched a lobster on her jaw, said there should be more(?),
  put a red rose on her chin

20. She had a fleur-de-lis on her right knee,
  little babies 'tween her toes,
A county jail and a waterin' pail
  to make sure her garden grows.

21. She had some tuna fish next to ...
  twin angels on her toes.
In one ear was a bottle o' beer,
  an' in the other was a Tootsie-Roll.

22. ... back of her neck,
  Marlon Brando 'bove her heart,
James Dean, Martin Sheen, and Mister Clean
  and a naked cupid with a bow and a dart.