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Posted By: ItsADomra
09-Oct-10 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Morris recruitment
Subject: RE: Folklore: Morris recruitment
Sian, thanks for the tip. :) As a student I should know the dangers of lack of research.. The reason we're trying to start something very local is that our transport options are extremely limited (to, effectively, feet, trains and buses), so although it cheers me to know there's a side in Pembrokshire, it's not exactly practical..

Ceilidhs also a good idea - worked for me! ;) There was a ceilidh in the union last year, I should track them down. I'm going to talk to Ian Gulley at GwerinAber too (this will presumably help with Objective B: resurrecting the Monday Sessions).

I guess the most important thing is to get out and talk to people. Either that or start press-ganging students.. >:D