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Posted By: Nigel Paterson
10-Oct-10 - 11:46 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Sibelius vs Finale
Subject: RE: Tech: Sibelius vs Finale
Had a good look at 'LilyPond' & 'MuseScore'. 'LilyPond' scares me stiff!'s the word 'code' that worries me the most. Having said that, what one can achieve with it is undeniably impressive. 'MuseScore', on the other hand, looks much more me!
          When I look back over my career in Music, starting with 'The Halliard' (myself, Dave Moran & Nic Jones) back in the mid '60s & consider how music technology, in all it's forms, has developed, 'breathtaking' doesn't come close. Hard to believe now, that all the original Halliard albums were studio based, but recorded 'live', i.e., single, continuous takes until you had something 'in the can' you could live edits, no multi-tracks, no overdubs. A fourteen track album completed in an afternoon session of no more than four hours or so. And when we did need to 'score' anything, a pencil & a few sheets of m/s paper had to suffice. Here I am now discussing the pros & cons of 'Sibelius', 'Finale' et al...a thoroughly 'analogue' musician, dragged kicking & screaming into the digital age (a few years ago now!), still somewhat in awe of what can be achieved with the laptop (MacBook Pro) on which I'm typing this post...truly amazing!
               A rather reflective Nigel Paterson.