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Posted By: JWB
12-Oct-10 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: What's this word in a Decemberists' song
Subject: What's this word in a Decemberists' song
The Oregon-based group The Decemberists sing songs that are delightfully odd, and they have a real affinity for 19-century phraseology. Most of the old-fashioned words I'm familiar with, but there's one that I cannot find a definition for.

It's in the song "Leslie Ann Levine", and occurs in this line:
"Still, a wastrel mesallied has brought me to this fate."

Internet searches, dictionary consultations, and even a Lyrics and Knowledge search here come up empty. Did the writer make it up?

Your help, Mudcat, please -- what's the meaning of "mesallied"? (This spelling is taken from the liner notes of the CD; the singer pronounces it "mays-allied").