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Posted By: SaltyWalt
13-Oct-10 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: What's this word in a Decemberists' song
Subject: RE: What's this word in a Decemberists' song
Aww Jerry, I'm kinda hurt you didn't come to me first. ;)
I'd have to agree with the hard work and research done by the others. The theme of class transgression and outsidership runs through a lot of their work (pre-sellout).

In "The Mariner`s Revenge Song", one of the wrongs attributed to the villain is: "the magistrate reclaimed our small estate". Leaving the mother ruined is as important as leaving her "A poor consumptive wretch."

"A Cautionary Song " is one of my favorites, and in it we are told what such a class fallen mother must do to put food on the table.

I'll refrain from continuing, lots of their songs have this theme. It makes sense that they might choose to short hand the situation with such a word.