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Posted By: catspaw49
19-Sep-00 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Ok Ted.....This starte out a long time ago as a legit request and in the course of all the nonsense that was posted, you'll see there is also a good bit of actual info and opinions back up there along with the tiples relatives.

I find it a bit bizarre as an instrument. I know its been used in many more places than I had previously known. Perhaps if I had known back in the days when I worked in that store (see one of my above posts) then we may have sold one instead of it being the store joke. I still find it to sound like a tinny baritone uke. Outside of the "Queer Quotient" I really have never been a big fan of the strange combination type instruments....banjo-ukes and the like and the tiple hits that category in my mind, if not in reality.

Truthfully, I'd still love to know what actually happens to all those Martin tiples! (BTW, this thread started the Neil Young Center thing too)---You rarely see or hear them anywhere and Martin (others too) have built them as though there is a huge market. Where? Even though I may be a bit more tuned into the thing now, I can't believe people are clamoring fo tiples!

Just my opinion obviously.