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Posted By: Nick
15-Oct-10 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
Subject: RE: leonard cohen sisters of mercy
Just watching Leonard Cohen on BBC4 at the moment and can't help being distracted as he reminds me too much of Mr Spock

Still enjoying him though - onto Bird in the Wire and I wonder if that's Bones on the guitar. Perhaps they'll pan to the drummer and it will be Scotty. Music's good.

I have a copy of Rock machine in the other room not far from my copy of Songs of Leonard Cohen that I purchased round then (1968 I'd guess). I always reckoned that he must have learned to play the guitar from the same book as me. I sat and worked out the whole album in those far gone days where you did it by ear rather than find the wrong chords on the internet :)

A friend sang Sisters of Mercy on Wednesday and I still play it as I did from then.

Onto Suzanne now. Spoken and whispered rather than sung...

As three asides: Guitar playing on Judy Collins version of Suzanne on the 'In My Life' album mentioned above is still one of my favourite (and different) accompaniments to a song. Though I prefer Roberta Flack's cover which I haven't listened to for years (note to self) Was the bass player late to the recording of "So Long Marianne" - have a listen and you'll see what I mean; turns up late and then goes for it