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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
19-Sep-00 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Gold Miners' Songs (American)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ: Gold Miners' Songs (American)
I was about to give the lyrics to The Dirty Miner, which I've sung for many years, having it from the singing of Earl Robinson. I saw a reference above to The Lousy Miner, which turns out to be the same song, with "lousy" for "dirty". If it were nothing more than this, I wouldn't do this post.

I saw a comment that it's the same tune as The Dark Eyed Sailor, and so looked for it in the DT. No tune given. I have the tune for The Dirty (Lousy?) Miner, and have no means of submitting it. I'll be glad to sing it at HearMe if requested, and whoso wanteth the tune may record from my singing.

Dave Oesterreich