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Posted By: Tootler
19-Oct-10 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: New unaccompanied songs?
Subject: RE: New unaccompanied songs?
Because I mostly play instruments that I put in my mouth, then accompanying myself singing is a little difficult, so I sing unaccompanied for the most part. I sometimes use a harmonica to provide instrumental "fills" between verses and I also have a shruti box which provides a drone accompaniment which works well on some songs.

I have tried accompanying myself with an anglo concertina, but I have found it a struggle (think pat your head and rub your tummy - or vice versa!) so I just use it for tunes now.

I find that most songs will work unaccompanied even those that the guitar freaks insist you must accompany.

I don't write songs (I have started to write a song on a few occasions but I have eventually got stuck on every occasion). I do put tunes to existing words and am finding Broadsides a good source of words. I mostly write my own tunes, but have on occasion used existing traditional tunes.