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20-Oct-10 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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By the way, my father was one of the experienced guys who always refused to volunteer for any "night patrols". He did get ordered to serve on some of them, but was never foolish enough to volunteer for one. He said that those night patrols were just an excuse for ambitious officers to show off to their superiors how much initiative they had and maybe get themselves a promotion or a medal for it....that the night patrols were useless and ending up killing a lot of people on both sides to no good purpose...that they made the people on both sides miserable and never gave anyone any respite from the constant fear of death. The experienced men detested the officers that sent them out on those night patrols and hoped that a handy mortar shell or some other piece of deadly ordinance might land on them while they were walking to the latrine or polishing their brass buttons.

Two of these officers were apparently killed by their own men in somewhat mysterious "incidents" received a bullet through his binoculars while observing a vicious firefight from what should have been an entirely safe distance behind the line. Another was blown sky high when he used an outhouse he had ordered the soldiers to build specially for his use alone. It blew into smithereens the first time he went in and sat down inside it. Funny about that, eh? My father said there were at least a couple of guys in the unit who could definitely have rigged up such a device, but it was never clear which one of them might have done it.