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Posted By: catspaw49
22-Oct-10 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: Cleveland Ohio Lawson's OJ Big O Jingle
Subject: RE: Cleveland Ohio Lawson's OJ Big O Jingle
Screw you all! Do you hear me? If you posted to this damn thread, just get bent!

In the almost 13 years that I have been around here, I had managed to completely miss this thread until a few weeks ago when some jackass refreshed it. It doesn't matter who it was, just anyone and everyone contributing to this POS thread is a jackass....including myself! Since then I have been on the "Big-O" every day. I grew up in Columbus and we too had plenty of Lawson stores and that stupid ass ad with its mind numbing jingle on our TV as well and once I heard it again its been squirreling around in my head all the time!


In Ohio at least, Lawson's was a very early player in the "Shoot and Scoot" convenience store market. Back then the stores of that ilk were generally attached to a dairy or other related business, many times known as "Dairy Stores." Lawson's had their own milk and dairy products and became well known for two other "favorites." The first was OJ and the other was their "chip-chopped ham." The blue and white Lawson's Stores were everywhere around Ohio and you can still see the vestiges of many of them today used as some other business but often still a convenience store location.

So if you're as screwed as I am from that gawdawful jingle, I will hold out a good thought for can hold one for me as well.