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Posted By: Betsy
25-Oct-10 - 07:47 PM
Thread Name: Vin Garbutt film
Subject: RE: Vin Garbutt film
Woodsie ,I deplore the simplistic statement you have made regarding this man's gigs.
If you have knowledge of many of his Contracts including un-paid ones , that would be a different matter - you simply don't.
It is exactly the same as claiming Rooney gets £ 250,000 pounds per week - we simply don't know , and , whilst we're at "IT" at least you can depend on VG to produce the goods for which he is quite rightly paid, whereas the Rooney article is severely flawed in this respect ..
A Folk club / theatre etc., reaches an agreement with a performer / group regarding financial matters and then you choose whether you would like to pay for that experience.
Goodness me ,have you seen what Chavs pay to watch glorified Karaoke singers , and you have the cheek to knock a guy who has stood the test of time and survive (and be a jewel) in the Folk scene for 40 years .
Try travelling and performing one night in Plymouth,next night in Hull ,next night in Bristol, next night in Carlisle - giving magnificent performances to sellout audiences and see if you could do it Year in ,Year out .
Jeez I couldn't do it for a Month.
How small minded of you.