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Posted By: Little Hawk
26-Oct-10 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Subject: RE: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Sawzaw, I think that Afghanistan would be way better off without both the Taliban AND the USA. The USA isn't in there to help Afghans, it's in there to help itself by expanding its imperial control over a vital strategic area that rests between 5 volatile powers: China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Iran. The USA is there to dominate that piece of strategic real estate and ship oil through it from the Caspian region.

The Taliban weren't there to help Afghans either, they were in there to help themselves, but at least they mostly were Afghans!

When the coalition armies finally leave, which they will, there will shortly occur what always occurs in Afghanistan when a foreign occupier leaves: the different tribal factions there will start fighting each other to see who gets to run the show. The Pashtuns in the South will fight the other tribal groups in the north and the east, as has happened many times before, and it will be very nasty. Eventually someone will prevail and secure central power in Kabul. It may be the Taliban who prevails, it may be another group entirely. Whoever it is, they will set up a new Afghan government and their foes will continue fighting them sporadically from the more remote mountain areas, and life will go on in Afghanistan as it has in the past, but the vital thing is, it will go on without the presence of an invading foreign army from some other country.

The Russians and their surrogates were a curse on Afghanistan and had no business being there. The Americans and their surrogates are also a curse on Afghanistan and have no business being there. It isn't up to anyone else to determine how the Afghans should live, it's up to the Afghans.

I'm not on any Afghan faction's side in this. That's up to them to sort out. I want all foreign troops taken out of that country, period.