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Posted By: mousethief
20-Sep-00 - 04:54 PM
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Ack! TYPE IN ALL THE COMMENTS?! Barkeep, make it a double! Followed by a Rusty Nail with a Glenlivet chaser!

Question (sorry for the thread creep!): I'm writing a dark and fairly graphic song about domestic violence. Should I post it to a thread, or send it PM to people who want to see it? (I have several good friends, as well as my mother and grandmother, who were victims of domestic violence, and wanted to do a waker-upper song that raises the issue and speaks out for the victims. (The chorus starts, "This is your mother, this is your sister, this is your daughter, who will mourn? Who will grieve?"))

Thanks everyone who has been so wonderful to me my first fortnight here at the 'Cat. (And to those who have flamed me, pbbbbbbth!)