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Posted By: GUEST,Nobody's Bard
27-Oct-10 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: Protest Songs for the Corporate B*stards
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BUSKER'S SONG
Not to blow me own trumpet (ok - iam) but here's one i penned meself about a year ago :

The Busker's Song

Here's a short rhyme sir
A song for our times sir
I'll sing you a line or two three or four
& if you feel inclined sir
or have half a mind to
pay me a penny
I'll sing you some more

I'll sing you a song sir
it won't take too long sir
I'll sing of sea captains & of maidens fair
I'll sing of kings & bold villians
& for the price of a shillin'
I'll sing of Olde England & of Scarboro fair

I'll sing you a rhyme sir
of men in their prime sir
I'll bring you sunshine sir but of you I implore
If you've half a mind sir
or feel so inclined sir
please to pay me some pennies
so I don't go home poor

I'll sing you a song sir
of men who did wrong sir
of bankers retiring with money untold
of leaders so greedy they ignored the needy
whilst lining their pockets with silver & gold

though like fools we do trust them
they'll bring down the system
In cahoots with the lawyers & strong arm of the law
& now we're in debt sir, up to our necks sir
they bailed out the banks, at the cost of the poor

So now I've sung my song sir
didn't take too long sir
though if you were inclined sir
I could sing so much more
but time is now short sir
in the end it all comes to nought sir
dark times lie ahead sir, so God bless you & yours!

...feel free to use it if you like it.