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27-Oct-10 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Subject: RE: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
John on the Sunset Coast: "....Will Afghanistan become another Korea?"

Nope. The reasons for being there and the agendas are too far different. After WWII, Americans had a greater sense of freedom, duty, and genuine empathy for the victims of oppression, and would fight to preserve a will for freedom.....Now, its all 'national security' based on what corporations are still here, and who can afford to 'buy' our military, to perform what needs to be done, to achieve their goals...then sell it to the American people. Shit, they even have their own private 'security forces' (read: paid thugs).

There was a greater sense of honor back then....though corruption was certainly a factor....but now, it's so shot to hell, I sincerely doubt if America will survive to see another generation, come and go.