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Posted By: kendall
28-Oct-10 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Subject: RE: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Fact. Afghanistan did not attack us.
Fact. Iraq did not attack us.
Fact. we invaded Iraq in 1991 and that is why they hate us. It has nothing to do with our freedom.
We were attacked by a gang of extremists who are fed up with the way we have treated Muslims for centuries. That gang was mostly Saudis. Why didn't the moron invade Saudi Arabia?

We need to get the hell out of other people's business. We are bleeding to death over there. 1.1 trillion dollars and counting.

This country could be a paradise on earth if we could stop invading other countries. It is our arrogance that makes us universally hated, and if you don't think so, travel and ask. They don't hate us individually but they do hate what our government is doing. In that, I agree with them.
John Wayne was a second rate actor who never spoke a word that wasn't written down by someone else.
He never served in the military and was not a hero.