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Posted By: George Papavgeris
28-Oct-10 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Protest Songs for the Corporate B*stards
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BITE OF THE UNDERDOG (G Papavgeris)
Bite Of The Underdog
George Papavgeris, March 2004

Beware of the bite of the underdog
His teeth are rotten, but more dangerous for that
Beware of the bite of the underdog
When he gets loose, you better hold on to your hat
Too late then to calm him or placate him
Or try to feed him when already he's fed up.
For life my friend can be very capricious
And the bite of the underdog is vicious
So the time will come around when your defences will be down
And that's the day when you'll find against your wishes
A vicious underdog is sitting on your lap.

As far back as history is recorded
The wheels of industry are greased with blood and sweat
We have our dream but most cannot afford it
If there's a trick to this, we haven't found it yet.
You raise our hopes and raise our expectations
That each and everyone can make it to the top
but greed and cost of living and inflation
ensure that we will have to work until we drop.

But beware of the bite of the underdog.. etc

And when the time comes for sacrifices
The people at the top are never for the chop
Though often they're the ones that caused the crisis,
They're not the ones to go to war or lose their job.
And each campain and every downsizing
Is fed by innocents because they can be spared
While those to blame just stand there eulogising
And of the glory they will take the lion's share.

But beware of the bite of the underdog... etc