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Posted By: Richard Bridge
28-Oct-10 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Subject: RE: BS: Has Afghanistan become another Vietnam?
Funny, the post eater has been at it again.

Teribus points to "the Bonn Agreement of the 5th December 2001". The US Afghan invasion started months before that. I'd call that interference.

There is no realistic way to question that the Afghanistan "government" is a US puppet. I'd call that interference.

Come on "Bomber Harris". Tell us. Are the US going to "win the war" and if so how? Local resistance is a hydra. Every Taliban member killed ensures two more. Every non-Taliban-member killed ensures ten more. If the US don't win, how are they going to get out without being massacred on the ground? If Pakistan blockades the ingoing passes how will the US get in enough fuel and ordnance even to defend themselves? When the US leave how is what is left going to be better?