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Posted By: Jim Dixon
28-Oct-10 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Hard Time Blues (sung by Lonnie Donegan)
Subject: Lyr Add: HARD TIME BLUES (Bessie Smith)
You can also hear this song at The Red Hot Jazz Archive (or click to play). Below is my transcription.

The song seems thorough-composed; that is, it doesn't break conveniently into verses. Maybe somebody could figure out something better by analyzing the chord structure, but I figure the best I can do is represent it as all one verse:

Bessie Smith, recorded 1926

My man says he didn't want me.
I'm getting tired of his dirty way.
I'm goin' to seek another brown.
I'm packin' my clothes. I'm leavin' town,
Getting outdo' [outdoors],
Lettin' him know
That he'll see a hard time.
Now there's no need of cry'n'.
Just lose me off your mind.
Then you'll see a hard time.
When your good woman is gone, you will see a hard time.
(SPOKEN: Don't say a word; just listen.)
The risin' sun ain't gonna set in the east no mo'.
The risin' sun ain't gonna set in the east no mo',
'Cause I'm a good woman; I can get a man any place I go.
You can sell what you please. You will miss me.
There's a lots of things you abandon me.
When your friends forsake you and your money's gone,
Then you'll look around; all your clothes is gone.
Down on your knees you'll ask for me.
There's no one else you will want to see.
Then you'll pray a prayer
That men pray ev'rywhere,
Lord, when your good woman is gone,
When your good woman is gone.