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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
29-Oct-10 - 06:50 PM
Thread Name: 4 YouTube videos of John Kirkpatrick
Subject: RE: 4 YouTube videos of John Kirkpatrick
Here's St George:

I am St. George. I'm a champion bold,
And over old England my flag I'll unfold.
My sword fights for justice, with truth for my shield,
And when I come riding I never shall yield.

CHORUS: And on my breast, a red red rose,
The flower of old England wherever she grows.

I fought with a dragon and brought it to shame.
I was killed seven times but I still fought again.
I was killed seven times but it did me no ill.
If the battle be true, then I'll fight again still.

In the cause of all freedom, my banner shall wave.
The oppressed and down trodden my sword it shall save.
In the righting of wrongs, I never shall tire.
That the weak become strong is all my desire.

I'll watch o'er your horses, your house and your land,
And if you have none, still your friend I will stand.
I'll strengthen your courage for all you hold dear,
To vanquish all doubt, and banish all fear.

Now be sure in your heart if you call on my name,
For I fight with a fury of fire and flame.
Any lies or deceit, to a cinder I'll burn,
And once you invoke me, I never shall turn.

For I have the power to pierce to the heart.
I strike like the lightning. I can tear you apart.
On hoof-beats of thunder, o'er England I'll ride.
What foe can defy you with me by your side?