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Posted By: Ed T
29-Oct-10 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Subject: RE: BS: The Drugging of our Children
My son had problems from day one at school. In elementary, I spent many after hour visits with teachers and in the principals office on his behaviour problems.

One older caring teacher called me at home and suggested that she felt he had ADD, which was at the root of the problems. She indicated she had suggested a physiological assessment, but there was poor hope to get one through the school system. She suggested I push for an assessment through my physician. I did this and was successful. The condition was confirmed. He was diaginosed as having a classic ADD condition.

He was put on Ritalin, and I saw immediate improvement. I struggled to understand the condition, and do anything I could to make a difference, without a drug. I was not successful. I was originally opposed to giving a child any drug. But, it worked for him and I only saw positive benefits. Did it harm him in other ways? I have not seen it, but it is possible? Doctors told me that since Ritalin is an older drug, it's applicationsshows it is safe, and much safer than most newer alternative drugs.

The next year, a new teacher took a special interest in my son. He understood ADD and techniques which these children could apply, with parents help, to cope. He explained that ADD children are intelligent, but get bored very easy. Because of this, learning can be difficult.

This teacher kept a watchful eye on my son in his class, as well with teachers in my sons other classes. With the kind and interested intervention of this teacher teacher, I learned about ADD and how to structure learning beyond to benefit my son. Because of this, he excelled in school, and into University, where he graduated with very high marks.

He made an unsuccessful attempt to get off ritalin in high school. His marks went down significantly as his concentration clearly suffered. He then began taking them only on school days,gradually weaning himself off them on his own. He no longer takes medication. It works well for him, at this point in his life. Through studies, and on his own, he garnered a very good understanding of the ADD condition.

He is now out there in the workforce, making a fine contribution to his family and society.

Would I accept Ritalin again? Part of me says no (since I am generally opposed to drugs), but under the same circumstances, most likely yes. I feel for parents going through this dilema.