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Posted By: Amos
31-Oct-10 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Wow, oh, wow, Mom!! What a weddnin'!!! We gathered in this small bed and breakfast behind the Secret Cafe in Del Mar, a bright sunny California morning, blue skies, and as we gathered, a mariachi band formed up on the ground floor and filled the artistically iwnding stair well with beautiful Mexican music. My son was there dressed as a Samurai warrior, his wife as a Geisha. I had a nephew dressed as Fred Flintstone, a niece dolled up as the starlet of Grease, Olivia Newton John? and her boyfriend looking just like John Travolta. The wedding party was elegant in white suits and mauve-reddish dresses. Yes, I officiated, dressed to the nines in black tie tux and top hat. The3 ceremony was sweet and short, and then there was an interlude of mariachi music as everyone went off to dress up for the reception--those not yet in costume. Around noon we clustered on the sidewalk in front of the little restaurant -- there were Dumb and Dumber, a guerrilla warrior Laura Croft with incredible cleavage, a Raggedy Ann with a Raggedy Andy, Clark Kent with his Superman shirt showing, faery queens and basketball stars, a James Bond with a martini, a Pancho Villa, toreadors, a Franciscan monk, and dozens of others milling around. When the bride and groom stepped forth in full regalia as Zorro the Fox and the Wife of Zorro, everyone cheered, and the mariachi band filed out and led the whole gang of them in a mass Halloeen parade down the main street of Del Mar, much to the astonishment of those lagging around over late coffees or playing tourist in town; random bursts of applause broke out and rubberneckers gawked as we paraded down to a large Mexican restaurant where the whole lower floor had been reserved for the party. Free beer, margaritas, a Mexican luncheon laid on, and wild good spirits and much laughter continued for four hours.

I looked pretty sharp in my tux, and the whole thing was splendiferous, especially the wild parade down main street with the Mariachis blaring away and waking everyone up as we passed through. Awesome day!! And the bride was world class beeeyoootiful!!!!

I have one niece and one nephew left to go.