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Posted By: Tig
01-Nov-10 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trick or Treat. the revenge.
Subject: RE: BS: Trick or Treat. the revenge.
I was struck by a thought (unusual I know :-}). We didn't have any trick or treaters last night as we have very few children round us now but who else thinks the habit of celebrating Halloween in the UK is partly the fact that the Elfin Safety has put such a kibosh on us celebrating Bonfire Night?

Way in the dim and distant past when I was much younger we DID have a candle lantern for Halloween, made out of a turnip or mangleworzle (similar but larger and used to feed cattle). This was then saved so we could light our sparklers from it on Bonfire Night. It was to keep the goulies and ghosties away from us whilst we slept in true Celtic tradition.

The 4th November was Mischief Night which was stuff like knocking on doors and running away or hiding dustbin lids. No dangerous antics and DEFINATELY no wasting of food or frightening old people. Bonfires were well guarded on Mischief Night as wood from someone elses bonfire was fair game - but you never took more than a few bits.

This was then followed by Bonfire Night. A great local time where everyone joined in. We had a big garden with spare land and usually 'hosted' the fire - but everyone brought food and fireworks. We were allowed to light sparklers (from our lantern) and also had jumping jacks (now illegal) to scare our friends. It was an accepted fact the adults lit the fireworks and I can't remember anything that would have been classed as a 'severe' accident.

Nowadays we are herded into 'Organised' firework displays and fires. Strange - the only time I know that someone got hurt was when a firework at one of these went astray and Katy got burnt. There's no anticipation in collecting wood for your fire, keeping it dry, being taken to the shop to CHOOSE your fireworks individually (a Catherine Wheel took up most of my allowance one year!)and then waiting for the fire to catch after it was lit at twilight.

Where have we gone wrong?